~  Leslie B. Flynn  ~

Grace Conservative Baptist Church; Nanuet, NY

pastor flynn
pastor flynn

Devoted husband, father, pastor, Doctor of Divinity, educator, author and radio evangelist, testifying to the goodness of our God, the authenticity of His Word and the reliability on His promise for salvation to all who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ; the sermons here represent God's leading through Dr. Flynn, former pastor emeritus of Grace Conservative Baptist Church, at Nanuet, NY.
    Whether instructing students at Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary in New York; authoring more than 30 published books, including "19 Gifts of the Spirit;" broadcasting weekly church sermon and 'Commentary on Living' radio programs, or accepting a full time visitation and church service schedule; Dr. Flynn has clearly and consistently presented God's Gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ, for more than forty years.

    His personal ethic of faith 'with' works, is perhaps best characterized through a cooperative leadership style set by example; congregational growth that valued individual commitment, participation, good-natured humor and forthright speech that faithfully aligned with scripture.
    Dr. Flynn has fulfilled his call
with both humility and distinction, proclaiming to all; have reverence for God, obey His commandments and accept the ultimate gift of His mercy; the sacrifice of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, to receive eternal life now and evermore.

New York, 2014