~  Thanks  ~

Grace Conservative Baptist Church; Nanuet, NY

While the congregation no longer meets at Nanuet, NY, that body of believers is still very much active in our world today and we would like to take this opportunity to continue in thanks for:

God, Spirit, Word, Son, Bride and Bible;

'Les' Flynn, whom God raised up for His pleasure as minister to proclaim His Word; God's man and family man, who profoundly prospered in Christ and invited others to do likewise;

Bernice Flynn, wife, mother, author and journalist, who encouraged others to face life with both courage and humor, in prayerful obedience and dependence before God;

The Flynn family, who bless the sharing of God's Word through these sermons;

Grace Conservative Baptist Church; a sanctuary that God blessed people through by providing a gathering place to meet together in an edifying manner, to Worship Him in truth and become better acquainted with His Will;

A congregational family there, who grew in the experience of learning about God for themselves, with their own families and friends, to share in the joy of blessing others within that association;

All the many participants not named, who contributed faithfully and essentially in helping make that familial gathering a reality, whether in construction, operation, or activity and therefore this presentation also to be possible;

Members of the former volunteer radio committee and others, 
who laid groundwork for these original recordings to be made, duplicated and helped make them available for this archive;

The 'grace' to share this Good News with others in yet another gift, America; a land where man, both male and female still have freedom to pursue the unhindered worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through the redemptive work of His Son, Jesus Christ and exercise the divine given right to do so.